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WLim Dragon 2-Speed Series 1 HP 7050 GPH Pond Pump 0708


Manufacturered by WLim Corporation, Dragon Series 2-Speed Pumps are widely regarded as among the best pond pumps on the market today. Featuring powerful, energy efficient A.O. Smith Century / Centurion motors, Dragon 2-Speed Pumps are ideal for larger ponds and those with pressurized bead filters. Covered by a 3 year warranty, Dragon Pumps are built to last and guaranteed to provide years of worry free use. Simply put, these dual-speed pumps are among the values around and offer a huge energy savings over single-speed pumps.


  • Signfiicant energy savings over single-speed pumps
  • A.O. Smith Century / Centurion motor
  • Exceptional flowrates
  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • 3 year warranty
  • 230V


Item# Model High GPH/Amps @ 230v Low GPH/Amps @ 230V
0708 Dragon 2-Speed 1HP Pump 7050 GPH / 6.33 Amps 3696 GPH / 2.95 Amps
0709 Dragon 2-Speed 1.5HP Pump 9600 GPH / 8.87 Amps 4700 GPH / 3.09 Amps
0710 Dragon 2-Speed 2HP Pump 10974 GPH / 10.20 Amps 5646 GPH / 3.70 Amps
Item # Description Price Points  
0708 Dragon 2-Speed 1HP Pump Was $969.00$872.10 900 Ships 4 Free
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